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How are our rights and privacy affected by the personal information that the internet holds about us?

Information and communication technologies have revolutionised all professions and aspects of life. At the same time, they also carry a risk in terms of the right to privacy, affecting the protection of personal data. We must take into account the amount of personal data that exists of any person on the internet today, and the potential impact on our rights.

What is the purpose of the new European Data Protection Regulation? Privacy?

The European Union has much interest in defending the rights of citizens and it is aware of the problems arising around the existing data flows.  It has therefore responded to this situation through the implementation of the new General Regulation on Data Protection (GPDR).  Hence, this regulation imposes new requirements that are more demanding when it comes to guaranteeing the privacy of the people with whom we have dealings. This is our fundamental right.

How does the Pérez Parras Economists and Lawyers office adapt the new European Data Protection Regulation to their clients’ services?

The specialists of the Pérez Parras Economists and Lawyers office cater for Law and Telecommunications Engineering. This way, we offer our clients personalised advice at the highest level. We guarantee privacy and data protection. Likewise, we carry out the implementation of and compliance with the regulations for the processing of personal data through a privacy system based on design (Privacy by design). As a result, we adapt the regulations to your business internal operation.

Thus, we offer a complete service to guarantee the adequacy and compliance of the new General Data Protection Regulation. In other words, our service does not just seek to ensure the privacy of personal data. As a result, we provide companies with the active digital security mechanisms necessary to protect said data. Unquestionably, we comply with the raison d’être of the European Data Protection Regulation.

What are the characteristics of the service we offer when implementing and adapting your company to the new Data Protection Regulation?

1.- First of all, we offer a comprehensive and personalised Consulting Service, after an in-depth study of:

  • processes for collecting personal data,
  • purposes of data processing,
  • information flows in your business,
  • information systems

In short, we aim to ensure that you comply with the European and national regulations for the protection of personal data.

2.- In addition, legal adaptation to the requirements of the European Regulation and national rules:

  • identification of personal data handled by your company,
  • legitimacy of data collection,
  • recipients of the data,
  • preparation of the informative clauses for obtaining data and for exercising the rights of the interested parties,
  • Drafting of all the necessary documentation and clauses:

security document,

contracts for data access, etc.

3.- Additionally, we perform a Risk Analysis and Detection on the way your company processes personal data. We developed the relevant plan to address and minimise these risks. Therefore, we ensure the foresight of the General Data Protection Regulation, complying with the principle of proactive liability that an entrepreneur must demonstrate.

 4.- In the same way, we draft the legal texts of your company’s website, updated to comply with the new legislation:

  • legal notice,
  • privacy policy,
  • Cookies policy.


5.- Furthermore, we carry out the identification and implementation of proactive liability measures:

  • Record of maintenance activities,
  • Default privacy,
  • Security breaches in the business,
  • Risk analysis,
  • Technological safety measures,
  • Impact evaluation in your business.


6.- Likewise, we establish and implement the internal and external personal data protection policy for your business.

7.- No less important, we implement security measures and digital data protection in the company:

  • Virus and vulnerability detection systems in your company’s computers and networks,
  • Encryption of data on mobile devices, etc…


8.- Finally, we support and permanently assist the person responsible for data processing in your company. To do so, we offer the service of an external Data Protection Officer (DPO), who belongs to the Law firm Pérez Parras Economists and Lawyers.

In conclusion, if you want us to help you, do not hesitate to consult our office of Economists & Lawyers in Malaga and Nerja  and we will study your case carefully.

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