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From any business in general, to give an effective, personalized client service, according to the requirements of each segment of the business and to the specific needs of each client, is a fundamental mission of each company to develop the business and deliver services in an optimal way.

But today, only a face-to-face contact is not enough, but also a digital presence and online attention are fundamental through the use of appropriate technologies, which allows a presence in internet and targeting existing and potential clients of the field in which the business operates in an effective way.

To develop a digital strategy effectively, the business must know the tastes and interests of its clients which combined with appropriate actions in digital marketing can accelerate and develop the business to levels unattainable through other channels of communication.

Conscious of the importance of a proper digital strategy for companies, the firm Perez Parras Economists & Lawyers provides for their clients services in this segment of work, both in Malaga city and in Nerja, that allows improvements in sales and positions the business with the appropriate brand image, as well as maintain a closer and more constant conversation with future customers.

Along this line, the services provided by the law firm Perez Parras Economists & Lawyers are:

  • Digital transformation of the business, adapting those internal processes of the business to current technologies and technological innovations, that allow its activities to be more efficient and with saving of costs.
  • Development of the web site and implementation of the analytic of the web site that allows to know the online evolution of the business and the possibility of taking appropriate decisions to help the growth of the business.
  • Management and operation of business social networks most appropriate to its area of activity.
  • Online Ads Campaigns, both of PPC in Google Adwords and in other social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc), that allow to the business appear in first positions of Google and in other networks, through campaigns optimized so that the customers find the products and services that the company sells, optimizing the conversion of our online business, and so accelerating sales and demand.
  • Corporate image of the business, through the definition of all aspects that accentuate the image of business: corporate brand, name, communication, media, logo, etc.

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