Civil Law

Advice and legal defence and procedural practice in Civil Law and their specialties.

Lawyers of the law firm Perez Parras Economists & Lawyers will advise on matters relating to obligations and contracts, seeking to resolve conflicts in civil matters that take place between individuals or between legal entities and individuals.

We defend the interests of our clients in the courts of Justice in areas such as:

  • quantity claims,
  • claims for damages,
  • traffic accidents,
  • claims for compensation,
  • defence of consumers and users,
  • ground clauses,
  • execution of judgment and judicial titles,
  • application for recognition of foreign judgments,
  • civil incapacities,
  • evictions,
  • visiting rights of grandparents regarding their grandchildren,
  • procedures regarding payment orders,
  • property claims,
  • insurance claims,
  • Division of common assets, and
  • other areas that make up the full spectrum of legal procedures in the field of Civil Law.

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