Non-residents – International Taxation

Non-residents – International Taxation

Since we are located in la Costa del Sol and due to the large influx and growth of non-national population in the area where we work, the firm Perez Parras Economists and Lawyers takes as strategic part of their business to serve foreigners in all fiscal and legal matters that involves any transaction that is performed as non-residents for tax purposes, whether transactions at a particular level or as an individual, or at a professional level as an entrepreneur or legal entity.

It is worth noting that, whether buying a housing to spend seasons in Spain, or trading when more than one foreign country is involved in the transaction, there are many cases where it is very important and delicate to determine how and where it should be taxed. Thus, our recommendation is that you do not hesitate to ask for professional advice before carrying out any action or decision. This will prevent any problems in the future and will give you peace of mind.

All the services that we do provide for Non-residents in this relevant area include:

  • Tax country determination.
  • Non-Resident Income Tax: Taxation and Exemptions.
  • Changes of tax residence.
  • Taxation of income obtained without permanent establishment.
  • International Taxation of permanent establishments.
  • Application of Double Taxation Agreements and Elimination of Double Taxation.
  • Income derived from properties in the taxation for non-residents.
  • Taxation of Business Income.
  • International Displacement of Workers.
  • Taxation of artists and sportsmen.
  • Tax rules on transfer pricing.
  • Inheritance of Non-Residents: Acquisitions of goods in Spain and Claims of Unlawful Income due to discrimination.
  • Trusts: regulation and taxation in Spain.


Therefore, if you find yourself in this situation and if you would like us to help you, do not hesitate to consult our office of Economists & Lawyers in Malaga and Nerja and we will be very happy to assist you.

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